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Power bag 20kg (with slam balls)

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20 kg
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Luxury Fitness Equipment has made the ultimate power bag and the most durable. Luxury's power bag is made of PVC which is essentially synthetic plastic and is so durable that it is used in building construction. It can withstand friction and hits. Studies have shown that it can last up to 40 years. For this reason the cost of nylon used for this bag, in comparison with other bags and other companies, is higher. The Luxury power bag has 6 hard plastic handles that allows the athlete to use more movements than any common power bag on the market. They are the only power bags that do not have sand or other identical materials;they have slam balls inside so they can withstand falls and have almost 10 times longer life than nylon or sand bags. Due to its multiple handles it is suitable for different types of exercises and for activating many muscles in each movement as well as for proprioception-stabilization exercises. This cannot be done with traditional dumbbells, bars or fixed exercise equipment. That's why these power bags are widely used by personal trainers, physical therapists and sports coaches from around the world (even for NBA athletes and champions league). It can be used for seats, swings, sprints and even throws due to the slam ball inside and anything you can imagine due to the multiple handles this bag has. There are several levels to match the level of each athlete.

+ Dimensions 540 length * 210 mm diameter

+ Made of PVC (synthetic plastic polymer)

+ The only market power bag packed with slam ball for high durability

+ Handles made of durable plastic

+ Multiple handles horizontal and vertical and straps

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