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PU Curl Bars Captain America (set(100kg) 1*10kg ,15kg ,20kg ,25kg ,30kg)

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The Captain America PU curl barbells is made of high quality urethane, with a steel center. The PU Captain America flip flop has good feature of good elasticity, odorless and durable.
Impact resistant due to thick urethane layer.
These PU Barbells are widely used by famous Hollywood actors and professional NBA and champions league players to the biggest commercial gyms around the world.
To be able to understand the differences between a PU sway bar and a rubber sway bar please read the following:

Differences PU material with rubber is that:
rubber is a much more cost effective solution for many applications but its physical properties compared to PU prevent superior performance resulting in dumbbells or bars having wear and tear until they disintegrate. Unlike dumbbells or bars that are made of PU material, i.e. very high quality polyurethane which is a material up to 5 times stronger than rubber, it withstands much greater compression and is highly resistant to drops and misuse.

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