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Luxury Rotating Curl Bar

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With a bar we can do all the strengthening movements (biceps-triceps,) such as static angles, like having a straight bar or crookbar or vertical bar (for hammers).

So, it's like having 3 bars in 1 and, due to the rotating handles, we can change angles during movement as the handles move naturally.

A brilliant tool that even if there is pain in a hinge, we can change the execution angles by relieving tendons and joints and not overloading the static bars.

+ 3 instruments in 1 for too many variations of exercises

+ Can be connected to a resistance pulley.

+ 5cm cylinder for Olympic discs

+ 25mm Olympic bar

+ Weight 16.6 kg

+ 136m total length

A fantastic workout machine that should not be missing from any workout area.

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