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Smith Machine and Functional Crossover

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Do you want to save space and get the most professional one on the market but don't want to sacrifice the variety of your exercise book?

The Smith Machine- Functional Crossover by Luxury Fitness Equipment is the solution for you made with the highest quality raw materials. On the one hand, it features an extremely robust and differently configured Smith machine compared to existing machines, while on the other, it has two pulley towers, each with an independent separate cable and double pulley, and two stations for four-position pulls.

Ideal for professional spaces, such as personal or small group training studios and home gyms. The cable cross smith will offer you a complete workout from the most advanced to the most beginner athlete.

- American made factory - awesome build quality.

-It has 4 types of monocle for different types of pulls (3 monocle of different positions with soft non-slip grips and stainless edges and 1 double handle monocle of climbing type)

- Weight of plates: 162 kg (81 kg each side and per 1 kg lift) can easily train 2 very strong athletes.

-Net Weight: 487 kg very robust construction for mainly professional use but also for amateurs.

-Horizontal bar made with hard chrome plated

- Disc case: 50 mm.

-Anti-slip ecological leather on the 2 ends of the bar for easy rolling and easy release from the safety positions.

-12 safety positions of the Smith machine with fixed bases, manufactured safety shaft plated with hard chrome, withstanding many years without damage.

-The frame is made of 3 mm wall thickness steel casing.

-The frame is coated with triple electrostatic paint of the same paint you use on cars for longer life and interior single electrostatic paint to avoid rusting and distortion of the machine.

-Availability of additional handles to perform a greater variety of exercises.

-4 different handles on the crossover with anti-slip grip with 4 different connecting cables to the weight plates. (all the hand grips are finished with stainless steel parts as well as the single weight handles are made of PU material and not rubber for longer life)

-Presence of counterweights to lighten the weight of the mobile bar system for smooth movement of the bar.

-Chrome screws do not corrode or lose their shine.

- Adjustment of the tension of the cable where the 2 handles can be worked both individually and together.

-Cable resistant to the wear and tear of time with a maximum load of 1500kg

-Presence of magnet and boundary wire on the small bar that blocks the weight plates.

-2 weight stacks each weighing 81kg on each side. Each tile weighs 5 kg. A total weight of 162kg will cover even the most advanced athlete

- Pulley extension 2.70m distance from the machine

-2 stainless steel tubes with built-in double pulley mechanism each and shaft adjustment from 30cm height to 2.10cm that goes up and down)


Length: 275.5 cm

Width: 162.5 cm

Height: 240 cm

Net weight: 487 kg.

- Package dimensions (2 wooden boxes): 242*72*42.5 &167*93*47cm


Ten years: Context

Two years: Rotating parts, weights, traction components

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