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Luxury Squat Pad

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Luxury Squat Pad
Start your workout comfortably with the Luxury barbell cushion.
It is shaped with a perfect ergometric design for sit-ups, hip thrusts, lunges and many other exercises – the Luxury Barbell Cushion offers even weight distribution on the shoulders or hips and relieves any pain resulting from weight pressure in these areas, while allowing the user to focus on exercise technique.

Designed to allow easy application and removal to the bar while the non-slip finish reduces slippage and increases bar grip.
-Perfect ergometric cushion design for even weight distribution on shoulders or hips
-Relieves the pressure of the bar on the hip or neck
-Allows you to focus on exercise technique
-Made of high quality, dense, thick foam for maximum durability
-Very comfortable
- Zero risk of injury
-Easy and quick application to any bar
-Anti-slip surface that reduces the risk of slipping and increases grip on the shoulders
-Perfect size for sit-ups, hip thrusts, projections, etc
Dimensions: 10*44cm

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