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Double layer flooring (large rubber granules and the other rubber powder almost smooth surface)Grey (15mm * 1m * 1m 15kg)

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Double layer floor consisting of 2 layers. The 1st layer is made of larger pieces of black rubber as the black gym slabs are made of lower quality and the 2nd surface layer is made of very fine shavings of colored rubber beads, so as to give a smooth surface.
A big advantage is that due to the smooth surface given by the small colored grains and due to the paint it does not get dirty easily from presses in relation to the black plates and they are easy to clean.

Luxury floors with a smooth surface have a high density and are heavy enough that you do not need to glue the rubber floors. Of course we advise you to stick them for the best possible result.

The colored gym floors have dimensions 100x100 cm, have a thickness of 15mm and are high strength and suitable to be used for cardio and strength, for free weights and workouts.
They can be used inside and outside the gym.

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