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Fixed Boxing Targets

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Whether you are inexperienced, beginner, advanced boxer or kick boxer, luxury fixed boxing targets are the perfect aerobic training or training tool. Designed specifically to emulate all the positions a boxing or kick boxing trainer could give you.

Available either in plain version for boxing purposes only or in full version by adding the optional pad at the bottom for MMA base (mixed combat moves).

Fully marketed by Luxury Fitness and our immediate customer service, it is a great addition to any gym or studio or home gym for aerobic training or training. It essentially replaces conventional machines (treadmill, elliptical, bicycle or group program) with an instrument that as much as your imagination allows you to change your training programs and never get bored. The 12 pads add endless movement to the user, and the spring-loaded arm design absorbs all vibrations and minimizes joint and tendon injuries and makes movement much safer than a boxing sack.

Weight: simple version 60kg

+ Use of equipment for business or home use

+ 1 year warranty frame on all components (shock absorbers, handles, accessories, upholstery) and 3 years for the frame (professional use) 2 years for private use

+ Optional MTF mount and anti-slip surface (if you don't want to be screwed to the floor)

+ Dimensions: 

- simple version 506 * 691 * 1914mm

84cm wide

height 200cm (from 1.50m to 2.00m custom height depending on the user)

+ ready-made spare parts

Our company, if you have bought from us the original fixed boxing targets and together with the receipt, gives you a guarantee for any spare parts.


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