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The pioneering and absolute training machine that should be present in every high-quality workout area, allowing every sporting angle and movement to be trained that no other fitness machine could. It will increase your aerobic and anaerobic training abilities, because it can actually be adapted from a beginner to an advanced practitioner by changing slopes from 0o to 70o and changing 10-speed gear. This machine will maximize athletic performance at any level of the athlete. By adjusting the volume and tilt to 70you can customize it to any user. As we stop moving, the machine stops working. Its training is straightforward and easy due to the natural upright movement and climbing of the user, combined with the simplicity of the ladder scale, as well as the combination of multiple movements that can be performed on the machine, especially if we are talking about advanced athletes.

The robust 300kg steel frame construction and zero maintenance guarantee a long life for the machine. It has zero power consumption and basically works with the energy produced by your hands and feet. You can burn up to 40% more fat than any other aerobic machine (treadmill, elliptical bike, etc.) because of climbing and using hands and feet on it.

Its stainless steel staircase is very easy to clean and has antimicrobial properties. The amount of space required is minimal because the athlete moves up to 2.75m.

+ 300kg solid steel

+ Dimensions: 1.73m long, 1.45m wide and 2.76m high (or 2,60m)

+ Dimensions of box: 66*2,80*1,26  330kg

+ 1 year warranty on all equipment, 10 years on the entire frame.

+ Customize gradients from 0o to 70o depending on the user

+ Adjustable tilt angle 70o, lift angle 100o, float angle 40o

+ Adjusts the volume from 1 to 10 depending on the user

+ Μagnetic resistance

+ Stainless steel ladder

+ Small space

+ Zero power consumption

+ Double layer electrostatic paint and plastic logo.


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