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The brand new Smartbar of Luxury Fitness Equipment activates your muscles in the right way, giving you better results in everything you do with it. The innovative design with the specially shaped folding teeth, minimizes the times between the exercises, since the transitions are done quickly and smoothly, while at the same time it helps the users to maximize their training.

Combining ergonomic design with strong and durable construction, it is a fitness instrument of the highest quality. The rotating limbs ensure smooth movement, improving the shape and helping to isolate the muscles. Ergonomic handles make weight plates more like dumbbells. They are easy to handle so users can hold multiple weights in multiple ways. There is also the flexibility to increase its weight in smaller increments which encourages users to increase their power. It's like a real "reset button" that you can use from the comfort of your own home when you need an immediate effect. Not only for fitness studio or gym, the Luxury Smartbar is also ideal for home use by anyone from the most novice to the professional.

The Luxury Smartbar is designed not to cause damage to various surfaces.

The set includes:

2 x 1kg discs

2 x 2.5kg discs

2 x 5kg discs

20kg the whole set

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