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Accessory for converting a medicine ball-slam ball into a rope medicine ball-slam ball (tornado ball system)

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Rope extension for medicine ball-slam ball(tornado ball system)
You can now turn any medicine ball-slam ball into a tornado ball.
The rope turns any type of medicine ball or slam ball into a dynamic exercise tool. When you combine the rope with a ball, it takes on all the properties of a tornado. Simply place the ball in the belt pouch, tighten the tightening straps and start performing exercises. This is a very effective and inexpensive way to double the exercise equipment you have in your gym. If you combine it with a medicine ball you could perform spinning moves with hits on the wall and on the ground with a rebound. It can be rocked through a series of exercises that will increase upper body rotational strength and flexibility, balance, speed and agility. There are literally dozens of exercises, here are just a few to help you out. If you place a slam ball there will be no bounce and the movement starts from its original position without reset.

1) From a standing position you can perform 8s with rotational movements of the body.
2) From a lying position on a mattress, only our buttocks are touching the floor, rotational medicine ball strokes
3) From a position with knees on the floor, explosive bounces of the ball in a V shape or with a slam ball each time reset and I start again from the starting position.
4) From a standing position, perform a rotational movement from one side of the trunk to the other and return.
For further explanation and more exercises, check out the you tube exercise tornado ball.
Then you can incorporate a slam ball, which has very little rebound properties, so the exercises will vary dramatically. You will still be able to perform all the swing and hitting exercises, but of course without the same amount of bounce.

-Used for Medicine Ball 1-10kg
- Heavy duty 37mm nylon straps.
-Elastic top strap for activating a ball with a diameter of up to 30 cm.
-Includes 6mm nylon cord drawstring.
-TMR5044 rope handle.

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