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Luxury Olympic Bar Competition 20 Kg 12 bearings

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The Competition 20kg Olympic Barbell is manufactured to the highest possible level of precision engineering with a wide range of new features.

Ideal for high-intensity training due to its high endurance. Equipped with 12 bearings (6 per side), it offers stable and smooth rotation especially in weight lifting exercises such as snatch, clean and jerk etc.

Most bars on the market either have a black oxide coating or even worse have the bar steel bare. This, combined with the intense use of the bar (sweat, magnesium, falls, etc.) leads to the rapid appearance of rust on them. The Competition bar overcomes this problem thanks to their hard chrome coating giving them a much longer lifespan than the rest of the bars on the market. The best quality on the market as surface material made of steel - hard chrome to resist oxidation. After years it will look like new.

Bar weight: 20 kg
Hard chrome plating
Bearings: it has a total of 12 (6+6) high quality bearings that guarantee fast and smooth movement in turns
Shaft diameter: 30 mm
Collar length: 41 cm

Tensile Strength : 190000 PSI

Maximum lifting and tearing weight 700kg

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