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Adjustable Curved Treadmill

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The Luxury Fitness Equipment treadmill is an innovative treadmill with a belt that moves with the user's action, helping the muscles to grow faster. Designed to the last detail, this treadmill is as efficient as possible. You can choose from 7 different programs which are divided into two main categories: space programs and goal programs. The water bottle holder, the transport wheels and the uneven floor adjustment system are essential accessories. Every modern gym should have its own Luxury Fitness Equipment treadmill. Revolutionary movement zone: The very large (150 x 48 cm) running treadmill does not consist of a one-piece belt, but of separate profile slabs that create an unusual but extremely natural area. In addition, the drive belt is covered with high quality rubber, protecting your joints and allowing you to exercise more. Easy to use: This treadmill is extremely easy to use (anyone can do it). In addition to current programs, you can also adjust the resistance (4 different resistance levels) to make your training even more intense. All you have to do to smoothly change the resistance level is pull a lever. Full Body Exercise The specially shaped handles take your workout to another level. You can hold them with your hands or push your hands against them. Interval training Preset interval programs, which allow you to start your workout at the touch of a button, are one of its main features. The programs aim at high-intensity intermediate training (HIT) that helps you lose weight and improve the cardiovascular system. Intermediate training alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense periods of recovery, helping you burn fat. If you are not satisfied with the length of the default programs, you can configure and run your own.

Key features: Elegant design Easy to use Business corridor for commercial use. Can also be used for walking. Durable structure with a large weight limit. Two large handles. Water bottle base. Large drive belt with high quality suspension. The display shows: time, distance, heart rate, calories, speed

Treadmill type: without engine

-Dimensions of driving zones: Speed: 1 - 25 km / h

-Suitable for walking, without restrictions

-The steel frame and handles are very durable and the surface does not need adjustment or frequent maintenance.

-Speed: Unlimited

-Without Motor

-Power: Non-electric, 4 different settings with the lever

-Motor size: 2000mm × 900mm × 1530mm

-Weight: 165kg

-Package size: 1850mm * 1050mm * 650mm 170kg

-Maximum user weight: 190kg

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