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After researching high level athletes in skiing, Luxury Fitness Equipment is please to present its Ski ergο, the new innovative ergometer. The ski ergο of Luxury fitness has an incredibly smooth operation with absolute safety in the exercise and is a complete proposal in the field of fitness.

A complete fitness device that really helps you reach and exceed your limits!

It exercises the whole muscular system intensely and effectively while it also offers great cardio-respiratory benefits.

The main function of the skier is that the movement is with the new technology that the chain is joined with tires, so it absorbs all the empty movement of the return of the ropes and there is resistance in all the movement without gaps.

- Self-adjusting air resistance to the requirements of the athlete.

- The largest pulley on the market.

- State-of-the-art monitor for instant feedback and multiple readings.

-System that connects the chain with rubber rope pulleys

- Unsurpassed quality of construction.

- Large selection of exercises.

- Suitable for any type of exercise (aerobic - anaerobic).

- Suitable for a beginner to an athlete of skiing, swimming, mountaineering, sailing, rowing and many other sports.

- The measurements that appear in each repetition motivate the athlete for continuous improvement.

- Powered by the ergometer generator when in motion or by 2 D-cell batteries. Displays all measurements on the display without batteries or other external power source. Use batteries only for the operation of the programs.

- The base and the screen are included

- Adjustable resistance 10 levels

- Dimensions: 1,30 * 59 * 2,04cm

- Package size: 132.5 * 67 * 59.5cm carton: 132 * 64 * 55cm 65kg

- Display: Speed ​​/ Time / Calories / Pulses

-Accurate heart rate measurement with Bluetooth wireless receiver.

- Weight 60kg

- User Weight: Unlimited

- Join a 5.3Hz band so that we can control our pulses on the frequently map.

- Two ways of assembly: With autonomous support or with connection to the wall

- 2 year warranty on mechanical parts and 1 year on electrical and moving parts

- The price includes the base with the wood and one can buy it and place it on a wall without the base.

- CE certification

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