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Luxury Professional Commercial Trampoline with handlebar

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Discover your fitness and health with the Luxury Trampoline at the wheel!

The Luxury Professional Trampoline is suitable for aerobic exercises.

With sturdy steel frame, with non-slip legs. The polypropylene bounce sheet is held in place by strong springs. With great coverage on the frame to avoid injuries.

Trampoline exercise offers our body balance, coordination and muscle strengthening. It is an ideal, fun solution for those who want to lose weight and suffer with the standard exercise in the gym. It also has benefits for the lymphatic system, contributing to the defense against viruses and infections, as it helps the body to detoxify. The simple activity of the Trampoline stimulates and exercises even the smallest cell in the body.

It is also important that it strengthens the body's defenses, helps rebuild cells, lowers blood pressure, increases platelet production, improves neurotransmitter function and relieves back and lower back pain. Suitable for all ages.

Springs: 42

Height: 33cm

Total height 120cm

Adjustable handle height from the ground 108cm to 128cm

Diameter: 1.22m

Net weight: 16 kg

Gross weight: 18 kg
Tube size: 2.17mm
Handle adjustment range: 20cm
Maximum load: 180 kg
Package size: 125 * 114 * 10cm

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