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Combo Set! Open trap bar-Rotating curl bar

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Combo set !!! Open trab bar and rotation trab bar at an amazing price !!
OtRotation curl bar With a bar we can do all the strengthening movements (biceps-triceps) such as static angles as if we have a straight bar or crooked bar or a vertical bar (for hammers).

So it is like having 3 bars in 1 and even due to the rotating handles we can change angles during the movement as the handles move with natural movement of the user.

A brilliant tool that even if there is pain in a joint, we can change the execution angles by relieving the tendons and the joints and not by burdening them in relation to the static bars.

+ 3 instruments in 1 for too many variations of exercises

+ Can be connected to a resistance pulley.

+ 5cm cylinder for Olympic discs

+ 25mm Olympic bar

+ Weight 16.6 kg

+ 136m total length

TraOpen trab bar A fantastic fitness device that should not be missing from a fitness area.
It is an advanced version of the traditional HexBar and more versatile and functional due to a major change. This change is due to its open design on one side to allow the user firstly, to enter and exit easily, secondly, to be able to perform open movements such as projections and thirdly, in large athletes it helps not to rub the thighs and their fists when lifting weights due to its design.

+ Fitness device for multiple exercises.

+ Much bigger exercise book than the traditional circular Hexbar on the market

+ Exercises can be adapted not only for squat but also exercises for any type of projection because the front is open in relation to the corresponding closed frame on the market.

+ Heavy construction with high functionality

+ High-strength stainless steel for professional use

+ 25mm diameter of three-way bar

+ 1.40m long

+ 49.7mm diameter of hanging piece at both ends (Olympic discs)

+ Weight 20kg

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