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LUXURY USA Elite Full Professional Gym

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It is a professional 100% machine that simulates fixed fitness equipment.

American manufacturer and American manufacturing plant.
Exercise adjustments can be made on all pulleys by changing the handles
With excellent ergometric design and the highest quality of construction, this machine is aimed at gyms, hotels, studios and wherever it is for professional use.
The Luxury Multifunction Machine is like having 7 fixed gymnastic instruments of basic exercises (chess press, pec dec, double scales, single scales, rowing, back pulls and single pulley).
Dozens of exercise adaptations that essentially bring you an entire professional gym of high quality construction and lower - maximum strength to be able to work from the most beginner to the most advanced athlete and to be able to work many people at once.
1st station:
Professional Chess Press
Chest or back openings / Pec Dec / Seat adjustment for all athlete heights

2nd station:
Professional single scales with 2 holding grades in each. With an assistance system by placing the knees on the pillows, it achieves more repetitions, safer training, faster development in the monogyno and in the dip of the twin.

3rd station:
Double back pull pulley from above, free movement on both pulleys with 360 degree rotation of the pulley arm for many variations of pulls.
Foot cushion in the seat to stabilize the athlete at the time of performing the back exercise.
Low pulley for seated rowing pulls.

4th station:
Single-double rotating pulley base 360 ​​degrees and adjustment in a tube from 20 cm high to 2.10 cm. Weight lifting per 1kg.

-Frame: the equipment uses high-strength steel pipe, the main frame is flat elliptical, the thickness of the pipe is 2.5mm
-Steel wire: withstands 1500 kg
-Double silver powder, electrostatic powder coating
-Welding: uses advanced welding 2, double effect welding
Bending: no traces and smooth bending
-Bearings: rotating parts use DGBB

- Αdjustable seat
-ROD ​​guide: Number 45 steel, handling high frequency, high hardness, high precision, can ensure the lubrication of the guide bar and ensure the safety of the user
-Weight: 1205kg
-4 stacks of weights: 92kg per stack
-Dimensions: 3480 * 2830 * 2300mm

-Dimensions of boxes: 78 * 49 * 210 and 112 * 52 * 236
-Warranty: 5 years frame and 1 year in all moving parts.

You can also see how it works in the video.


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