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Wall Half Rack (with return shock absorber)

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The folding Rack of Luxury Fitness Equipment offers reliability, stability and helps you gain significant space in your gym.

The Rack of Luxury Fitness Equipment has equal stability with the traditional power racks due to the innovative hinge system and its sturdy hollow beams with a thickness of 7.5 cm sheet metal,even its placement from open on the wall as a half rack can be done by a small child due to the 4 shock absorbers it has. The only one on the market with this system. In addition, it has a built-in monogyn on it.

Its installation is easy and fast. It is very effective in terms of space so it is very convenient for those of you who have a small gym or studio or work out at home or in your garage.
Also a perfect choice for hotel gyms.

When there is a space problem, the Rack of Luxury Fitness Equipment saves you space without losing its quality.

- Shock absorber and storage fuse for quick transfer to the wall

- 1 pair of j-cups

- Triple layer of electrostatic matte paint in relation to the racks on the market that have a single layer of paint or powder spray to avoid rusting and distortion of the machine

- Dimensions: width 1.43cm (closed on the wall 10 points and open 60 points) and height 2.33cm

- Dimensions of the girder: 7.6 * 7.6 (due to the paint) and 3.6 thickness

- Box dimensions: 44 * 1.80 * 12

- They can withstand up to 500kg

- Warranty: 2 years frame and moving parts, 1 year painting

The warranty does not cover rust on scratches and / or dents and / or worn surfaces. Raw steel is likely to rust due to "injury" unless coated and / or reworked. The warranty also does not cover rust on the inner surfaces of steel pipes as well as rust on the edges of the holes.
Scratches and / or dents resulting from bumps
Surface damage resulting from the use of unsuitable cleaning products and / or cleaning agents (steel brushes etc)
All steel surfaces that get caught during their use, can lead to color wear. It is considered normal and therefore not covered by the warranty.

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