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Professional multi-use machine (horizontal - incline chest presses and shoulder presses)

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American made with awesome build quality
Luxury Fitness Equipment's machines are the only ones on the market that go up every 1 kg.
The Multi line of Luxury features 3 machines in one: horizontal bench - horizontal presses - chest press, incline bench incline presses - chest press - shoulder press and vertical bench press - shoulder press. Users can adjust the pressure arm and seat while on the machine. Comfortable, oversized multi-position handles and simple seat adjustment make it easy for users to get into position for proper exercise form. Users can easily lock the additional weight with a simple press of a lever to increase the workload.
Adjustable starting position:
The settings all allow the user to easily adjust the starting position from within the machine, getting them through their workout faster.
Three exercises, one machine:
The machine accommodates a bench press, incline press and drop press all in one machine.
Similar positions with free weights but much safer and easier for the athlete.
Very few machines on the market reproduce this movement so smoothly.
Weight stack plates the first kilos are increased by 4.5 and subsequent kilos are increased by 7 with nylon bushings installed to ensure a smooth ride on the guide bars. There are also 2 chrome tubes with 4 or 6 single chrome weights that you adjust from one tube to the other and this gives the athlete the ability to increase or decrease kilos per 1 kilo, which differs from other machines on the market that the increase of the of their kilos are per 5 or 10 kilos. The magnetic weight selector pin ensures positive locking to the plates and is attached to the weight stack with a thick plastic coated tether cable. The weight selector pin is color coded for easy identification. The guide rods are 19mm diameter steel, polished with a corrosion resistant coating for smooth operation and rust prevention. The cables are sheathed with 5mm military grade cable (Press feet: 6.3mm). Custom end fittings tested to 250,000 cycles under 200kg load. No need to remove pulleys for cable routing. Removing, routing and replacing pulleys is easy - no searching for the right pulleys, pulley cover and pulley mounting hardware. The low initial weight, 1kg increments and full weight range are suitable for a wide range of users. The weight stack is easily accessible from a seated position. The full steel frame enclosing the plate back comes lasered with the owner's logo which adds beauty and sturdiness to the machine.
-Upholstery fabric is high quality industrial grade vinyl with a protective coating accurately simulating a carbon surface and results in cushions and upholstery rolls that last longer and are easy to clean. The fabric meets or exceeds European fire regulations.
-Rubber feet: Yes
-Adjustment of the pressure arm is done while sitting on the machine. The overmolded yellow handle with grip handle allows the user to release the press arm and move to one of four positions to accommodate the three pressing movements (shoulders, incline and horizontal chest/bench). The seat slides smoothly with a custom sleeve-tube over a chrome-plated oval tube. The stability of the seat mechanism is enhanced by the second bearing on a chrome shaft. Hard plunger fitted to a spring-loaded, easy-grip pull-down needle for smooth adjustment. The pin handle is color coded yellow for easy identification. Non-slip rubber handle with stainless steel alloy end cap. Push handles are oversized at 39mm in diameter. The grips and handlebar are 32mm in diameter.
-There is a manual with simple step-by-step instructions for users of all levels to help with setup and exercise, including tips for maximizing workouts.
-Bearings for added durability and smooth feel. All rotary bearings are high quality with integrated grease for quiet operation.
-Glass reinforced nylon pulleys with deep V groove provide secure cable seating and fluid bearing rotation.
-All pipes are 2.5mm electrowelded with a flawless finish. Its high-quality triple electrostatic paints, which compared to powder paint, are much higher in durability, as the presentation shows, and are of very high quality.
-All pipes are 2.5mm electrowelded with a flawless finish. The paints are triple electrostatic of high quality, which in relation to powder paint is very good higher in durability as its presentation shows and is of very high quality.
Weight: 226 Kg
Stack weight: 92 kg
Size (mm): 1920*1450*1620


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