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Handle for biceps push-ups 43*14.5cm

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Easy and useful adds a whole new dimension to back training. Power grips add significantly more weight to the bar while providing a gripping surface for your hands, increasing strength and size, preventing grip failure during heavy pulls. This allows for deeper levels of back training, allowing for longer sets with less rest between sets.

There are a total of eight unique power grips with multiple variations. They train the back muscles at different angles and are adapted to specific back exercises, allowing you to maintain proper form.
Better development and shape of back muscles.

-Made of high quality steel and coated with super hard rubber.
-Doesn't scratch your expensive machines like conventional grips.
-Easily connect to any cable machines for the gym, such as pulldown lat machine, cable machine, home gym system.
-Can withstand weights up to 400kg

Handle for exercises and biceps presses. The holes help so that the thumb sinks in and there is a better grip from the athlete and better exercise.
At the end of the base of the handle it is made so that the athlete performs exercises with many kilograms of high resistance and rests his hand on the protrusion of the component

Dimensions 34.6*16cm
Weight: 3.2kg

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