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LUXURY USA Physio Functional trainer(The kilos go up per 250gr)

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It is a multifunctional machine, made by an American construction company with high standards in its construction quality, where the user can adjust the angles (of each arm) of intensity as the athlete wants in degrees or in height. Incredible difference in relation to the functional machines that exist in the market 1 to 3 as a purchase price and without losing at all in quality of construction and operation. Due to the multiple pulleys in the machine, the movement is soft to the user compared to all cables on the market.

Space saving design for small studios, small fitness areas, hotels or even for home use who want to perform all angles and strengthening movements with 1 machine. It is like having all the power tools of the gym in one and so many thousands of movements that the user can make.

The softest pulley on the market equivalent to a compressed air resistance pulley. Great adaptability for physiotherapy, personal-group training and studios.

The difference with other functional trainers is in its pulley which is the softest on the market which has the same quality corresponding to compressed air resistance pulleys. The movement of its central axis is done with an anti-gravity system for very smooth movement.

+ When you work on one side, the weight is divided 1 to 4, that is, as if we are lifting the kilos up to 22 kg one by one.

+ 0-43kg per 250gr up to 14 kg and per 2.5kg after 14 kg

+ Move arms at all angles and at all heights specified by the user

+ Independent rotating arms- Double wheels (vertical and horizontal pulley adjustment)

+ Smooth movement due to the multiple rollers and the large extension of the pulley

+ Accessible to a person in a wheelchair

+ Add a bench or a ball, create thousands of exercises according to the athlete and adapt the training to your needs

+ Basic frame colors: black, silver, red

+ Weightstack: 0-63kg

+ Angle of inclination 0 ο to 360 o

+ Rubber protective floor feet

+ Weight 230kg

+ High strength steel and steel pipe (frame 3mm steel plate, bottom frame 50 * 70, steel thickness 2.5cm withstands huge loads)

+ Its wire can withstand up to 1500kg resistance

+ Stainless steel main pipe

+ Double layer of high content electrostatic paint

+ The arms are 80cm with a distance of 30cm from 0o to 360o and a height of 2.05m.

+ Machine dimensions length 990mm, width 1996mm and height 1800mm

+ Box dimensions 1720 * 720 * 300mm

+ 5 year warranty on the frame

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