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Pleiometric resistance platform

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You have an entire gym in one machine (all in one gym) and it is ideal for closed chain exercises. It is the only machine from any other pulley on the market (power pulley or with weight plates or with air or magnetic accelerator) that actually presses more on the pleiometric movement of the exercise. It has a great adaptation to athletes, athletes and injury recovery situations. Plyometric movement is when during resistance the muscle lengthens in a controlled manner by yielding to the force of gravity or external resistance such as the plyometric resistance platform. It is the only gym instrument that in fact the athlete works on plyometric resistance. It is chosen by both doctors and physiotherapists around the world due to the reduced risk of injury in relation to weight training, but also the dramatic maximization of the explosiveness of muscle endurance and self-control in an exercise or movement. It is widely used for rehabilitation or training by athletes in the champions league as well as in the NBA.

- Increases strength and explosiveness, endurance, elasticity and neuromotor control

- The resistor is fully adjustable and self-adjusting by a trainee

- Reduced risk of injury

- Ideal for both gymnasts and physiotherapists

- Eccentric muscle load (pleiometric movement)

- Easily transportable

- Easy to use and maintain

- We can adapt a wide variety of accessories on the machine

- Many different resistances depending on the level of the athletes

It has handles, body belt and instructions for use

Machine size:76*52*35cm
Packing size:79*26*60cm
N.W.:33KG G.W.:35KG

Color: green and grey

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