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Waist belt for strength machines

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The special belt that fits around the waist of each athlete is combined so that pulleys can be inserted. Right and left of the athlete's torso and back and front. Perform your favorite exercises in seats and projections by placing the weight of the stack of weight plates on your strength machine (cross over, functional training machine, etc) from the pelvis down only. This way you avoid putting weight on your waist and spine in general. Today, replace the old barbell squats or barbell lunges with the belt and work 100% of your leg strength without any burden on your waist. It also adjusts your machine's single pulley to the front of the belt or back and if you step backwards or forwards with extra weight on the opposite side. Attach a plyo box in front of a pulley, attach the pulley to the belt and perform dozens of exercises.

- Maximum weight up to 200kg on the 3 fixed clips and 50kg on the moving clips

-3 grips for machine cable adjustments
-Easy adjustment of the belt according to the size of the athlete's pelvis
-Fast closing and opening of the belt
- Pad inside the belt for a soft feel after weight placement

Dimensions: 100cm

Material: Terylene+SBR

Made in Greece

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