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Double-layered floor (20mm*1m*1m, 20kg)

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Luxury double layer floor has come to meet the needs of the most premium gyms and facilities.

Made from recycled shoe rubber, this floor is the friendliest choice for both athletes and the environment. It has minimal odors, while its surface is very smooth, which makes it extremely easy to clean.

When it comes to endurance, you have nothing to fear because intense weight training can be done as it has high absorption in vibrations, while significantly reducing noise from falls.
It is one of the safest choices you can make for your space.

-Material: Recycled sneaker rubber with EPDM beads (rubber pieces)
-Application of one side to the other
-Color: Black with blue spots
-Dimensions: 20mm * 1m * 1m
- Extremely smooth and easy to clean
- Odorless
-Weight: 20 kg

Upon request, your logo can be printed on as many squares as you wish.







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