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Bosu Ball (with embossed patterns)

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7 kg

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Countless aerobic and explosive proprioception movements, power and speed exercises are all performed with one instrument. The perfect balance and force machine that on its convex surface can perform all balance exercises and the inverted surface can use open handles for open push-ups as well as balance or power movements. More than 200 moves can be performed. Due to proprioception, more muscle fibers can be activated than simple exercise (deadlift, squat, projection) and it has greater gains in endurance, strength and user. Spine rehabilitation exercises. Ideal for business or home use.

+ Very robust construction that can withstand many years of hard work. Professional rubber construction that lasts through time.

+ The most durable ball on the market can lift up to 230kg

+ Embossed surface for greater stability and beauty

+ Handles for tricycle-shoulder biceps

+ Dimensions 60cm diameter * 22cm height, 5200g

+ Weight 5.2 / 6.2kg

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